How We Protect You

Standard vs. Extended

ATA National Title Group provides expanded title coverage for owners of one to four unit family residences, including condominiums. The post-policy coverages automatically included in the Extended Coverage Policy offer the highest levels of protection available.

Compare Extended Coverage Owner’s Policy to a Standard Owners Policy

Protection from:
1. Someone else who owns an interest in your title (Extended/Standard)
2. A document that is not properly signed (Extended/Standard)
3. Forgery, fraud, duress in the chain of title (Extended/Standard)
4. Defective recording of any document (Extended/Standard)
5. Restrictive covenants (Extended/Standard)
6. A lien on your title because there is: (Extended/Standard)
a) a deed of trust
b) a judgment, tax, or special assessment
c) a charge by a homeowners’ association
7. Unmarketable title (Extended/Standard)
8. Mechanics lien (Extended/Standard)
9. Forced removal of a structure because it: (Extended/Standard)
a) extends on another property and/or easement
b) violates a restriction in Schedule B
c) violates an existing zoning law*
10. Inability to use the land for a Single-Family Residence because the use violates a restriction in Schedule B or a zoning ordinance (Extended/Standard)
11. Unrecorded lien by a homeowners’ association (Extended/Standard)
12. Unrecorded easements (Extended/Standard)
13. Building permit violations* (Extended)
14. Restrictive covenant violations (Extended)
15. Post-policy forgery (Extended)
16. Post-policy encroachment (Extended)
17. Post-policy damage from extraction of minerals or water (Extended)
18. Lack of vehicular and pedestrian access (Extended)
19. Map that is not consistent with legal description (Extended)
20. Post-policy adverse possession (Extended)
21. Post-policy cloud on title (Extended)
22. Post-policy prescriptive easement (Extended)
23. Covenant violation resulting in your title reverting to a previous owner (Extended)
24. Violation of building setback regulations (Extended)
25. Discriminatory covenants (Extended)

Other benefits:
26. Pays rent for substitute land or facilities (Extended/Standard)
27. Rights under unrecorded leases (Extended/Standard)
28. Plain language statements of policy coverage and restrictions (Extended/Standard)
29. Compliance with Subdivision Map Act (Extended)
30. Coverage for boundary wall or fence encroachment* (Extended)
31. Added ownership coverage leads to enhanced marketability (Extended)
32. Insurance coverage for a lifetime (Extended)
33. Policy adopted by the California Land Title Association (CLTA) (Extended)
34. Post-policy inflation coverage with automatic increase in value up to 150% over five years (Extended)
35. Post-policy Living Trust coverage (Extended)

Extended Coverage Policy benefits you won’t get with a Standard ALTA Owner’s Policy

  • Post-policy Forgery
  • Post-policy Encroachments
  • Post-policy Cloud on Title
  • Post-policy Adverse Possession
    Coverage extended to homeowner when someone claims to have the insured’s title arising out of someone else’s continued use and occupancy
  • Post-Policy Easement by Prescription
    Coverage if another claims right to use a part of the insured’s land as an easement because of continuous use over time
  • Building Permit and Zoning Violation
    Coverage for losses up to $25,000, after a small deductible, for building permit violations and forced remediation of zoning violations, and up to the full policy amount for forced removal of structures due to zoning violations
  • Expanded Access
    Expanded to include both vehicular and pedestrian access to and from land, based upon legal right
  • Encroachment of Improvements onto Easements and Set-backs
  • Subdivision Violation
    Homeowners are covered up to $10,000, after a small deductible, for protection against subdivision violations prior to purchase
  • Restrictive Covenant Violations
    Coverage provided for violations of restrictive covenants occurring before homeowner acquired land if the homeowner is forced to correct or remove the violation or if the homeowner’s title is lost or taken because of the violation
  • Structural Damage for Mineral Abstraction or Easement Use
  • Living Trust Coverage
    Coverage includes not only the trustees of a trust, but the beneficiaries as well
  • Encroachment of Boundary Walls and Fences
    Protection of up to $5,000, after a small deductible, for encroachments onto a neighbor’s land, onto an easement, or over a building set-back line

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